Company "A. Systems Ltd" (hereinafter-the company), offers asset management for the purpose of carrying out arbitrage trading operations on the cryptocurrency market on the terms of this offer.

The offer comes into force from the moment of completion of the cryptocurrency transfer to one of the company's wallet specified in the client cabinet

The acceptance of this offer is considered to be the completion of cryptocurrency transfer and confirmation of receipt by the company.

1. Rights and responsibilities of the parties

1.1. Responsibilities of the company:

1.1.1. The company is obliged to trade cryptocurrency in the interests of the client with maximum efficiency and profitability with minimum risks.

1.1.2. To observe the confidentiality of the client's account in the company.

1.2. Rights of the company:

1.2.1. Upon the expiration of the payment period, the Company shall be entitled to receive asset management fee in accordance with section 3 of this Agreement.

1.2.2. In case of violation by the client of clause 3.1.4 of this agreement, the company has the right to terminate the agreement unilaterally and to demand compensation before the end of the agreement period.

1.2.3. In case of violation by the client of clause 3.1.4 of this agreement, the company shall have the right to withhold all or part of the profits for the client in its favor.

1.2.4. The company for the purpose of effective carrying out of arbitrage trading operations can carry out exchange cryptocurrency, transferred client to it, in other cryptocurrency at own discretion, and also to deduce cryptocurrency from one exchange on another.

1.2.5. The company may store cryptocurrency, transferred to it, on various cryptocurrency exchanges for the purpose of effective realisation of arbitrage trading operations. The client declares that it is notified of the risk associated with the storage of funds at exchange.

1.3. Responsibilities of the client

1.3.1. Upon the expiration of the period of payment or in case of termination of the contract before the period specified in clause 3.1.4, the client is obliged to pay the company asset management fee, in accordance with section 3 of this Agreement.

1.3.2. In case the client wishes to withdraw cryptocurrency from his client account before the end of the minimum period of investment, the company has the right to consider the agreement to be terminated ahead of time by the client

1.3.3. In case of early termination of the agreement, the client is obliged to notify the company within 10 (ten) days prior to termination

1.3.4. The client declares that he was informed that the deposit-withdrawal of funds to/from the company is carried out exclusively in cryptocurrency. The trading profit is also displayed in the replenishment currency. The company is not responsible for the change in the value of cryptocurrency, in which the client replenished, relative to other crypto-or traditional currencies

1.4. Client's rights:

1.4.1. If the client withdraws part of the funds from the account after the end of the minimum period of investment, the amount of balance in his client cabinet decreases by the amount of withdrawn funds

1.4.2. In case the client has made additional investments into the account, the balance amount is increased by the amount of additional investments

1.4.3. In case of violation by clause 1.1.1 of this agreement, the client has the right to terminate the agreement in a unilateral manner.

2. Implementation of the Agreement

2.1. The client opens an account in the client cabinet of the company in accordance with the procedure established by the company

2.2. The client transfers the agreed amount in cryptocurrency to one of the addresses of the purses specified by the company in the client cabinet in the menu "Deposit"

2.3. The day of transfer of funds is the date of receipt funds for company's wallet.

2.4. The company manages the client's account under the agreement

2.5. The client has the right to make additional investments on his account during the whole term of the agreement.

2.6. The client prepares the request for withdrawal of funds in the client cabinet. The company is not responsible for the access of third parties to the client cabinet, client's email, and issued in connection with this application. Upon receipt of the request from the client, the withdrawn amount is deducted from the client's account balance. Payments on executed applications are not subject to appeal and return.

2.7. Transfer of money is carried out within five working days after receipt of the application from the client. In certain cases, the company has the right to hold the application up to 10 working days prior to notifying the client.

2.8. The client shall assume the costs of withdrawal and input of funds.

2.9. The company shall withdraw in the cryptocurrency in which the client made deposit.

2.10. The client can follow the status of his accounts in his client cabinet in the menu "My Accounts"

3. Terms of Service

3.1. The client agrees to pay in favor of the company asset management fee in accordance with the following conditions:

3.1.1. The company's asset management fee is 20% of the client's profit.

3.1.2. Asset management fee calculated according to the results of each settlement period, which is considered a calendar month

3.1.3. Client pays asset management fee in period from 1 to 5 day of the month.

3.1.4. The client understands and accepts the fact that for the successful implementation of the services by the company in its favour, the minimum term of investment is 6 months. Upon expiration of this term the client's profit will be transferred to the account balance of the client and available to the conclusion.

3.2. The address of service provision is the address of the company's registration: 38 Bedfort Street, London, United Kingdom.

4. Terms of validity of the Agreement and procedure of termination

4.1. This agreement comes into force from the moment of its acceptance by the client and acts until the moment when one of the parties wants to terminate it.

4.2. This Agreement terminated in case:

- In case one of the parties wishes to terminate this Agreement;

- in the case of full withdrawal of funds from the accounts by the client, which entails termination of the relationship governed by the Agreement;

- In case of violation by the client of the conditions specified in the agreement, the company shall have the right to terminate this agreement unilaterally, notifying the client of such termination and returning all client's funds on his account, at the moment Termination of the agreement.

TRADER-service conditions

1. Trading accounts of traders are open in BTC. Yield is also considered in BTC. If a trader uses other coins in his trade and holds other coins in his account, then for statistical purposes they are calculated at price of coins on Binance exchange.

2. Update of account's statistics occurs once a week on Mondays from 09:00 UTC + 0 to 15:00 UTC+ 0

3. On the basis of his own trading strategy and for the purpose of its successful implementation, each trader establishes independently the minimum term of investment in the account under his management. Prior to the expiration of this term, the subscriber will not be able to withdraw their funds. The end date of the trading interval (rollover) is indicated in the client’s cabinet and falls on the next Monday, coming after the specified minimum number of weeks has passed since the last deposit of the subscriber.

4. Traders fee is paid exclusively from the profit of the subscriber. The amount of fee is calculated as a percentage of the profit of the subscriber. If by the end of the trading period the client's account was unprofitable, then the fee is not paid, and the loss is transferred to the next trading interval. The trader will not be able to receive fee until he completely covers the losses of the client.

5. Payment of fee is made at the time of the occurrence of a rollover. The required amount is deducted from the Profit column in the client's Cabinet, after which the remaining profit is transferred to the Balance.

6. After the end of the trading interval, the subscriber has 3 days to withdraw funds from the account. After this period, the investor’s funds are automatically extended for another trading period with a new rollover.


Any material presented on this site is intended only for professional clients as defined by the rules of the FCA and AIFMD.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

The cost of investment as well as the cost of coins can both fall as well as grow and this is not guaranteed.

The client is informed about the additional risks associated with the peculiarities of the functioning of electronic trading systems, with problems of Internet communication nodes, and trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. The Client agrees that the Company is not liable for the Client’s losses caused directly or indirectly by the restrictions imposed by the government, currency or market rules, suspension of trading, military actions or other conditions commonly referred to as “force majeure”.

Market fluctuations can be especially marked for asset classes with high volatility, and the value of investments can suddenly and significantly fall.

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